Graphic Software

■ Features
• An aesthetically pleasing high quality customizable graphical interface between administrators and monitored buildings
• Building ready monitoring control system with full software management in a user friendly graphical enabled interface
• Easy con guration and customization of alarm devices
• Remote desktop programming from any location
• Upload/download configuration files without taking the whole system off-line
• Customizable re annunciation graphical icons to provide customer speci c site representation
• Enhanced auto-watch allows the viewer to automatically scan individual buildings
• Custom alarm and system status messaging instantly inform building administrators of events and alarms
• Custom color graphical icons depict up to 500,000 addressable devices
• Extensive event logging up to 500,000 events with status notations for report customization
• Multiple import and export formats are supported
• Multi dimensional controls allow the user to precisely navigate between buildings and oors for rapid surveillance
• Drag and drop icon placement provides easy device location mapping
• Instant alarm noti cation provides an automatic zoom to the alarm area

■ System Requirements Recommended Computer Speci cations
• Intel© CoreTM i5-650 Processor
• 1GB Dedicated Graphics Memory (NVIDIA recommended)
• 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
• Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Minimum Computer Speci cations
• Intel© CoreTM 2 Duo Processor @ 2.80GHz
• 256MB Dedicated Graphics Memory (NVIDIA/ATI recommended)
• 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
• Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3

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Nittan’s NFU-Graphic-monitor (NFU-GM) software is an advanced re alarm management and warning system that provides building ready monitoring and software management solutions that allows a user to monitor remote sites from multiple operator workstations located anywhere in the world.
The software uses color-coded messages to annunciate device information. “Take Action” messages provide rst responders with speci c, real-time information about alarms at the site including notes about hazardous materials, vulnerable building occupants, and management contacts.
NFU-GM automatically detects devices, such as smoke detectors and heat detectors, and allows the user to easily place them onto the oor plan or map using a simple drag- and-dropfunction. Inaddition,itcompilesreal-timereports of alarms and events, exactly as they occur. With these reports and records, the user can reconstruct emergency events after the fact both to verify that the proper steps were taken, and to improve future responses.
Nittan’s NFU-GM addresses the need within today’s re monitoring system market for an easy-to-use remote monitoring system and an easy-to-use administrator configuration utility. The graphic software allows for monitored buildings to be presented in detailed 3-dimensional representations creating an aesthetically pleasing high quality monitoring and con guration system between administrators and their building establishments.
The modular architecture of NFU-GM allows for a exible, scalable and customized application and allows NFU-GM to adapt to the network panel size, traf c, available devices and existing circuits.
Nittan’s NFU-GM meets the enterprise needs for real- time networked re alarm monitoring. The combination of real-time re alarm monitoring and network access to remotely controlled re panels offers enterprises a unique, end-to-end network solution for more cost-effective security and remote operations management of building re monitoring systems.