Panel >10 zone

■ Features
• 5 to 60 zone model available
• Extra slim design
• Highly reliable design by adopting durable LED indicators and CPU
• 5 to 20 circuits for zone alarm bells available (due to the model on purchased)
• Alarm delay function
• Alarm delay ON/OFF switch function
• Trouble monitoring function
• CPU trouble back-up function
• Re-sounding mode of a panel buzzer
• Signal transfers for detector resetting available
• Equipped with high protection for Lightning surge
• Interrupting function for emergency announce- ments of silence zone alarms
• 3 alarm indicators for indicating the alarm inputs from building facilities such as hydrants
• CPU trouble back-up function
• Capability for transferring the second re signal
• Signal transfer for Emergency PA facility also equipped
• Easy wiring by Push-in terminals’ one-touch connection

Brochure (0.8MB)


The 1PM2 is a conventional re alarm panel with a
formats. All detector circuits will be indicated with lighting red LEDs in alarm conditions and ushing in open circuit fault conditions. Slide-in paper labels are included for clear zone identi cation. The alarm panel has an alarm delay function on every detector circuits to reduce false alarms, including a zone-by- zone settable delay ON/OFF function.
1PM2 features a re-sounding function of panel buzzer by reception of any subsequence input from manual alarm stations or other zones ensuring an announcement of a fire spread after the buzzer silenced. The alarm panel also has a maintenance switch to enable installation or maintenance works to cut off the panel buzzer and zone alarms.
1PM2 to be equipped with a CPU for securing high reliability features also a CPU trouble back-up function. Even when the CPU falls down, basic functions are secured to indicate alarm zones, to sound alarms and to transfer the alarm signal.
The power consumption reduced 70% compared with Nittan’s previous models contributes to cost reduction.