Panel 10 zone

■ Features
• Compact size
• Alarm Delay Function
Heat Detector: 20sec.
Smoke Detector: 60sec
• Supervision of detector lines and fault conditions
• Energy saving technology for its running cost.
• Light body (Using Flame retardant ACS resin)
• High reliability minimizes maintenance cost.
• Surge Absorber
• Spring Clamp Terminals
• Built-in Backup battery

Brochure (0.4MB)


The Nittan Fire Alarm Control panel, model 2PD1-10L is the most compact fire alarm control panel in Nitta’s product range. 2PD1-10L is suitable for various type of building, such as shops, offices, guest houses, post-offices, mobile phone stations, etc.
The panel is equipped with an “Alarm Delay” function which reduce unwanted false alarm, and each zone is monitored for their respective statuses, indicated by the use of long life :.E.D.s.