Pull Station

■ Features
• Durable Extruded Aluminium Construction
• Attractive, Low Pro le Design
• Standard Single Gang Mount
• Converts to Double Action
• Glass Rod Optional (one provided)

Brochure (0.6MB)


■ Description
Attractive and durable, Nittan’s EVCA-MS-F01 of
manual stations provide manual re reporting. The EVCA-MS-F01 manual stations are non-coded, single or double action devices which initiate an alarm when pulled. Resetting is accomplished by inserting a 1/8” screwdriver from the front. The handle, once pulled will remain open and cannot be reset without utilizing the screwdriver.
The EVCA-MS-F01 manual stations are constructed of durable aluminium and nished in red. An abrasion resistant label with large, raised letters provides clear legible instructions.
All manual stations can be easily converted from single action to double action station by the addition of the EVCA-MS-Dkit double action lever.
■ Operation
Pulling on the station’s handle will release the internal
switch to trigger the alarm detection circuit.
■ Speci cations
The single action manual station shall be Nittan’s EVCA-MS-F01. Operating instructions shall be in raised English lettering and the unit shall be constructed of extruded aluminium, nished in red enamel paint to provide quick identi cation. Pulling the handle shall initiate immediate operation of the alarm detection circuit. All manual re alarm stations shall be installed as per the speci c requirements outlined in the UL codes, as well as all other applicable national or local codes.