Beam Detector

■ Features
• 2 Models for ranges of:
– 50RU: 16.5 ft. to 160 ft. (5m to 50m)
– 100RU: 160 ft. to 330 ft. (50m to 100m)
• Easy set up and alignment
• Single compact housing
• Calibrated obscuration test lter included
• 3 selectable alarm thresholds: 25%, 35% or 50%
• Microprocessor controlled
• Alarm latching or auto reset
• Automatic gain control
• 12 VDC or 24 VDC operation
• Separate alarm and trouble contacts
• Remote Test Station available
• 3YearWarranty Operational Features
• Latching / Non latching alarm
• Fault condition (Trouble)
• 90% or more obscuration (Trouble)
• Automatic gain control
• Improper set up alignment (Trouble)
• Microprocessor controlled
• 3 Sensitivity selections
• Indicators – Alarm Red LED / Trouble Amber LED

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The system comprises of a single unit incorporating an infra-red transmitter and receiver.The signal gen- erated in the transmitter element and re ected by the prism back to the receiver element is analyzed for the presence of smoke.The internal microprocessor determines an alarm condition when a predetermined level is reached.
The system is designed to be mounted so the beam will project between 19” (0.5 m) and 24” (0.6m) be- low and parallel to the ceiling. Lateral detection may be up to 30ft. (9.144m) on either side of the beam, providing a maximum total coverage area of up to 19,800 square feet (60ft. x 330ft. or 18.29m x 100m).

Engineering Specication
The projected beam type smoke detector shall be a 4-wire 12/24 VDC device to be used with a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory’s Listed separately supplied 4-wire control panel. Unit shall be listed to U.L. 268 and shall consist of an integrated transmitter and receiver.The detector shall operate between a range of 16.5 ft. to 330 ft. (5m to 100m).The tem- perature range of the beam shall be -4°F to 131°F (-20°C to +55°C).The beam detector shall feature automatic gain control which will compensate for gradual signal deterioration from dirt accumulation on the lenses.The unit shall include a wall mounting bracket.Testing shall be carried out by using a calibrated obscuration test lter.The Re ective beam type smoke detector shall be a Nittan FIRERAY 50RU (160 ft./50m) or 100RU (330 ft./100m).

■ Benefits
Reduces installation costs where 6 or more spot detectors are required in a single area. Reduces service time by taking advantage of optional remote test station located at ground level for system test without disruption of the site.