Conventional Photoelectric Smoke Detector

■ Features
• High resistance to false alarms
• High resistance to chamber contamination
• Low cost of ownership due to reduced false alarms
• Low profile, stylish appearance
• Low monitoring current
• Non-polarised terminals
• Remote indocator output
• Unauthorized head removal signal facility
• Locking mechanism to avoid unauthorized removal
• Supplied with protective dust cover

Brochure (1.3MB)


The STA-P-OM is an attractively-styled, low profile photoelectric detector for use in conventional fire alarm systems.
The LED Indicator for 360° visibility (OMNIVIEWTM 360°) illuminates in red in an alarm condition.
The STA-P-OM has a new sophisticated smoke chamber design and an orange sensor LED which can provide the same sensitive detection regardless of the type of smoke.
Furthermore, this detector has an ultra-fine chemically etched, stainless steel insect screen combined with the unique proprietary optical detection chamber design to dramatically reduce the risk of false alarms. This unique design provides high resistance to chamber contamination and reduces sensitivity to potential causes of false alarms caused by such as the ingress of insects and airborne contaminants, while fully complying with the smoke detection requirements of UL standards.